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About us 

Thai Muslim Business Trade Association

“Thai Muslim Trade Association – TMTA”


“Thai Muslim Trade Association” or “Thai Muslim Trade Association – TMTA” TMTA was born from the gathering of a new generation of Muslim businessmen who are energetic. creativity and the determination to establish a non-profit organization to become the center of cooperation, promotion and development of Muslim businesses in Thailand in a stable and sustainable manner.

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increase competitiveness both nationally and globally to business people and entrepreneurs in all Halal industries help develop the national economy by arming the business group medium and small through seminar activities and cooperation with the government


Supporting members to go global

Liaise with organizations both in the country and in the region to organize training.

and exhibition booths in various Halal events to provide opportunities for Thai members

Step into the world trade market

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It is a hub for members and networks around the world.

committed to creating "Society of learning" to be a center for members and to exchange opinions

Update on global trade trends share knowledge and inspiring through various activities

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