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Those who have been nominated as President of the Thai Muslim Business Trade Association

Announcement from the Nomination Committee (Chura)

Due to the arrival of a very important agenda, namely the recruitment of leaders of the association as“President of the Thai Muslim Business Trade Association” TMTAarriving in a few days 


The Nomination Committee (Chura) has continual meetings. In order to perform the duties assigned by the members the best On the basis of strict caution in all actions taken on behalf of Shura 

From the public relations for the association members to nominate the appropriate person to be selected as the president of the association, it appears that there are a reasonable number of names that have been proposed. which at 21:00 on Wednesday, July 20, 65 past


The Nomination Committee had a meeting for 1-Screening the list of qualified candidates according to the rules for the next recruitment is completed 

2-Determine and review recruitment guidelines on the meeting date scheduled for Sunday, July 24, 2022 .

On the date of the meeting Members may nominate persons to be referred by oral means.


1-Must have the consent of the person making nominations.

2-Accredited by no less than 10 members of the association during the nomination period 
PS. 1-Term of office of the President of the Thai Muslim Business Trade Association at this time is 4 years. 

2- Individuals whose names are nominated by members. The willingness to be recruited will be questioned by the Shura committee.

which has now been in contact with all those listed above. 

3- Persons who are nominated and wish to be recruited There are preliminary rules set by the Schuro committee as follows: 
must3.1 Not being a shura committee

3.2 Has never held the position of President of the Association for 2 consecutive terms

3.3 Must be confirmed voluntarily by the person.

Persons who are nominated and wish to be recruited

Chet Mahama.jpg

Jet came to see me

Managing Director
Sun Frozen Fruit Company

More history


Marut floating cloud

Managing Director 

Scott Group Co., Ltd.
(Empower Consultancy)

More history


Manop Mannoi

Managing Director 

Master Mechatronics Company

More history 

The three nominated persons will attend the general meeting and discuss the policy direction for the members and the committee in the next order.

Information : Nomination Committee (Shura)

The people nominated in order in 2022 are as follows:

- Wasu Sensom (4-year term)
- Dawut Naweewongpanit 
- Arun Lertthanon
- Sawas Mitaree
- Nooravi Nong Ali
- Glory Sally
- Sitthidet Tuamprathom
- Abdullah Yapa
- Tuan Iskandar Dato Mulia

Information : Nomination Committee (Shura)

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