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Your products are halal, what about your logistics?

November 21, 2022 – The Thai Muslim Trade Association (TMTA) has joined forces with Malaysia’s leading halal cargo and logistics provider Tahira Group ( to develop a halal logistics platform. Taking advantage of Tahira’s globally integrated network of land, marine and air transportation, the two organizations have embarked on a journey to create fairly priced and highly efficient halal logistic services. They emphasize above all else halalan-toyyiban, focusing not only on compliance with religious law but also on excellence.

TMTA president Marut Mekloy explained that “Muslim businesses and halal operators in Thailand strive to elevate their products’ standards with the goal of exporting them to foreign markets, especially to Muslim-dominant countries with high purchasing powers. In fact, many TMTA members are already standard-compliant, but they are facing logistical challenges. Typical logistics providers do not have halal practices in place. In particular, they are unable to ensure that halal produce and foodstuff do not come into contact with haram items at any point during their voyage, whether on land, at sea or on air.”


Tahira Group founder and CEO Vincent Tan said that his organization is “an expert in halal logistics with national, regional and global reaches. Today we are ready to expand our services into Thailand and to halal operators in a country that many have dubbed ‘the kitchen of the world.’ Thailand exports foodstuff and fresh produce in large quantities to countless countries around the world, including Muslim nations who put a great deal of emphasis on halal logistics. We hope that this partnership between TMTA and Tahira will benefit Muslim and halal business operators in Thailand and provide them with peace of mind and assurance that they are using a top-caliber halal logistics service that they can trust and afford. We are truly an expert in this business, and we have efficient costs control over the entire operations. Our goal is and has always been the creation of a halal logistics network that is not only well-known but also a leading choice on a global stage. Thailand is a vital market. We cannot be more ready to extend the benefits of halal logistics to our prospective Thai clients.”


“Thailand has never seen a halal logistics infrastructure network like this. Many other countries haven’t had a chance to benefit from it. I’m thrilled that a world-class provider like Tahira wants to work with us and see that TMTA will be able to extend its services to halal operators across Thailand. I see this as the beginning of a new chapter of better things and opportunities to come to our country,” Mr. Mekloy concluded.



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